InterCityPost® shows you the respect, thanks for having chosen us for delivery of your documents and goods. 

On March 1, 2017, we have to introduce New Tariffs. These rates reflect our ongoing efforts on improving the process of delivery.
The II Round table of ukrainian express-carriers has taken place  with the assistance and organization of InterCityPost® and under the auspices of «ULA» . 
Today the company "INTERCITYPOST LTD." celebrates it’s 10th birthday.
We want to inform you that started from October, 11 2016 the trademark  InterCityPost in Odessa city will be represented by „Your Courier Ltd”.
The detailed information about the  Offices you can find in the section "Contacts".
From July 18, 2016 in Mariupol city you can already send or receive the shipments, having applied to the address:
89, Zelinskogo str.
Mariupol 87548, UA
or to call the courier to itself in office or home.