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Brand InterCityFly ™ is the next step in development of the company "DETA SERVICE LTD." First brands which serve trademarks InterCityPost® and InterCityCargo™, presented at the Ukrainian market for over 10 years.

Not always delivery of your international cargo you can instruct to the courier company - there are restrictions on the dimensions of the cargo (weight and dimensions). And the price of delivery is often quite high. For such cases we offer services of international air cargo delivery under the trademark InterCityFly ™.

Air cargo is a priority type of delivery, as the fastest, reliable, and sometimes the only way to transport cargo. More than 22 years, our company specializes in the international carriage of different kinds of goods by air .As one of the oldest in Ukraine in the field of air transport providers, we offer global coverage, worldwide support and years of experience. To all this we add local knowledge and a high level of customer service.

We offer the following services:


export / import of goods through Ukraine airports to / from any airport (s) to the world

export / import cargo "door to door"
Thus, we offer our customers the opportunity to select the method of delivery their goods, and providing a wide range "from one hand."The speed of delivery and quality of service are still our priorities!
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