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Trade mark INTERCITYCARGO™ is a following stage in DETA SERVICE LTD., as which first brand trade mark INTERCITYPOST® presented in the market of Ukraine more of 9 years acts, having a wide network of a covering, and it is good itself recommended in a segment of courier express delivery.
Tariffs and services INTERCITYCARGO® are focused on those clients who are interested, first of all, in low cost at a minimum of additional services, but with high speed of delivery. For them the most economic variant of delivery of documents and cargoes «from warehouse to  warehouse» is offered.
Also for clients we offer delivery variants «from door to door». Our tariffs will interest those clients which weight of departures exceeds 20,0kg.
For sending of individual cargoes in weight less 20,0кг. We suggest to use services INTERCITYPOST®.
Thus, we offer our clients possibility of a choice of a way of delivery of their documents and cargoes, and we give a complex of services «from one hands».
Speed of delivery and high quality of service still are our priorities!
WAREHOUSE - WAREHOUSE - delivery from the office / warehouse InterCityCargo ™ / InterCityPost ® to office / warehouse InterCityCargo ™ / InterSitiPost®
DOOR – WAREHOUSE – delivery from the sender’s door-to office / warehouse InterCityiCargo ™ / InterCityPost®
WAREHOUSE – DOOR - delivery from the office / warehouse InterCityCargo ™ /InterCityPost®  to receiver’s door
DOOR - DOOR  - delivery from the sender’s door to the receiver’s door
Additional services:
On request of client, we can insure the goods for and on behalf of the client. Insured only delivery of bot documentary nature. The maximum sum insured is UAH 50.000,00. The sum of insuarence is 0.5% of the declared value of the shipment.
Unique system TRACK & TRACING on-line, uniting all offices ІnterCityPost ® / InterCityCargo ™ allows real-time tracking of the location of your departure.
You receive invoices (HWB) InterCityCargo ™ amended data sender and / or recipient.
Maximum weight per piece - 31.5kg.
Number of seats in a single administration – 99shts.
The maximum sum of the length, width and height of a parcel – 330cm.
Dimentional weight: length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) / 5000