Filling the bill

  1. Full name of the sender
  2. Phone number (obligatorily)
  3. Specify the company’s name, it's address and the code, or address and the code of the Sender.
  4. To be filled in case of shipment from the office InterCityPost®
  5. Enter the complete information about the Recipient
  6. Enter the country of the Recipient
  7. Choose and specify the service You’d like to use
  8. Specify the payment method. If payment is made by the third party, please specify the name of the Payer
  9. If the shipment is insured, specify it's estimated value
  10. Give the cargo’s description. If the shipment contains only documents please make the corresponding note.
  11. Specify the total number of places, their weight / volume weight in the appropriate fields
  12. Sign and put the date / time of shipment

Filling the bill > WayBill Connect

Specially for our Clients designed Software WayBill Connect ™, which allows you to fully automate the process of filling the Waybill (HWB) InterCityPost ®. Using this Software significantly reduces the time for completing Waybill and significantly accelerates the processing and delivery of goods, it reduces the number of errors associated with incorrect spelling / reading these addresses.
WayBill Connect ™ - is a simple and easy in use Software that helps fill Waybill (HWB) InterCityPost ® in the quantity you need at the convenient time to you.
Opportunities WayBill Connect ™:
• Allows you to create, store, print, and track all your shipments
• Allows you to create, modify and store the address book with addresses, phone numbers and the names of your Consignees
• Significantly reduces the time required to fill the Waybill (HWB) InterCityPost ®
• Allows you to prepare in advance for sending goods - information immediately appears on the site
• Increases control over departures
• Ability to select the interface language: Russian or Ukrainian language
What is necessary to start work:
• Download Software WayBill Connect ™ (75 MB size) on our website or contact the nearest office InterCityPost ®
• Read the Manual for  WayBill Connect ™ Software
• PC running Microsoft Windows (95/98/2000 / XP) and Internet access
• Web - does
• Laser or inkjet printer
For more information, please contact our Technical Support Service by phone.: +38(050)998-1988

Download programm to filling bills WayBill Connect