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Dangerous cargoes - all substances and objects that with tightness of packaging in conditions of storage, loading, transportation and unloading can cause explosion, fire or destruction of the aircraft, cargo, stores, buildings as well as death, injury, poisoning, burns, radiation and other diseases of people and animals.
Thus, the special requirements to the transportation of the dangerous cargoes, particularly to packaging are applied. Our company has extensive experience in the transportation of cargoes, defined as "dangerous."
Below is the Classification of dangerous cargoes, in accordance with the IATA/ICAO standards.
class 1    Explosive substances
class 2    Gas
class 3    Flammable liquids
class 4.1 Flammable solids
class 4.2 Substances capable to spontaneous inflammation
class 4.3 Substances that form flammable gases upon contact with water
class 5.1 Oxidizing agents
class 5.2 Organic peroxides
class 6.1 Toxic substances
class 6.2 Infectious substances
class 7     Radioactive substances
class 8    Corrisives
class 9    Other dangerous cargoes
Dangerous cargoes of the specified classes are divided into subclasses, categories and groups.
If you want to send cargo and not sure whether it is classified as dangerous, please send us its full commercial name in English, and description that includes the dimensional state, color of the substance,, chemical formula, and other physical and chemical characteristics. We will define whether your cargo belongs to "dangerous", and if yes, indicate which package is required for transportation.
Transportation of some particularly dangerous cargoes requires the certified IATA packaging. In the shortest terms we can provide the necessary packaging in any quantity.